Welcome To Toyota City Motors ( Pvt.) Limited. Multan

Toyota City Motors (Pvt.) Ltd. is a leading 3S automobile dealership in Pakistan maintaining good reputation in the market. The company strongly believes in consistency and growth in its operations for customer satisfaction. Toyota City Motors comprises of a Sales Outlet/Showroom, Spare Parts Department and a Service Department equipped with high-tech workshop equipment followed by qualified technicians & supervisors. The organization has an open and outward looking management, which believes in a systematic approach

  1. Proven reliability over the years under severe usage on rough roads

  2. More options in model variants at affordable prices

  3. Most suitable features for both country and city roads, e.g.,

  4. Safest choice due to very strong body, side impact beams, driving seat electronic air bag and a

  5. Special head impact protection structure in Corolla ....